Interview with Victory Wekwa

Today we welcome Victory Wekwa, Petroleum Engineering graduate, Python Developer and open source contributor.

Hi Victory, please tell us a bit about yourself?

Hello, My name is Victory Chiamaka Wekwa, a graduate of Petroleum Engineering, Python developer, tech enthusiast, open source contributor and aspiring full stack developer.

I also write about some python concepts and programming tips in my blog.

How did you get into programming, and when did you start using Python?

I got into programming because I wanted to explore and be as good as my friends that were doing good. 

I wanted to learn how to write codes, build things and make a living through it.

I started using Python in February 2020 but I didn't actually understand what I was doing until in March when I joined the internship.

What other programming languages do you know?

I know a little of  HTML and JavaScript.

Why did you choose to learn Python?

I choose Python because i read I could use it for so many things.

And it's syntax was so easy to understand the first time I used it.

Which Python libraries are your favorite?

I love the requests library.

And recently I started loving the Pandas and Numpy libraries.

Why did you choose Django over the other Python web frameworks?

For me Django was easy to understand. 

What projects are you working on now?

Building a blog with Django and Vystore an eccommerce store also with Django.

Where can we find you on Internet?

twitter @I_amVickiti 

github VictoryWekwa

My blog

Thanks for doing the interview, Victory!
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