Interview with Somtochukwu Uchegbu

Today we welcome Somtochukwu Uchegbu, Python developer studying biochemistry at the University of Lagos.

Hi Somtochukwu, please tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Somtochukwu Uchegbu, a backend developer currently a student at the University of Lagos studying biochemistry. I like coding and don't like stress  

How did you get into programming, and when did you start using Python?

Well the reason I got into programming was because I saw my cousin build a basic app back then and I was amazed, I asked him how he did it he said he built it with code. I wanted to do something like that and then I started coding, just like that. 

I started using python last year building basic terminal based apps 

Why did you choose to learn Python?

My cousin advised me to start learning python because it was easy, very very easy to learn as a beginner. It's not as rigid as Java or C++. For example if you want to print out a text to the terminal all you have to do it print("Hello world") that's all unlike Java that you'll need to understand the concept of object oriented programming (OOP)

What other programming languages do you know?

I know a bit of Java and JavaScript 

Why did you choose Django over the other Python web frameworks?
I feel with Django you'll have more control over your project. There's an inbuilt admin page, working with databases is easy, just makemigrations and migrate and your database will be automatically created, user validation too is easier with Django and lots more. To me Django framework is the best I've used so far 

What projects are you working on now?

I'm working on 2 projects currently, a covid tracker app and a blog app.

Something else you would like to bring up?
I just have a few things to say. Programming isn't easy, it's not something you start now and start building full web app in the next 2 weeks it takes time, consistency and dedication. Rome wasn't built in a day 

Where can we find you on Internet?

You can find me on Twitter @SomtochukwuUch1

GitHub :

Thank you for having me here. I'm grateful 

Thanks for doing the interview, Somtochukwu!
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