Interview with Ruth Ikegah

Today we welcome Ruth Ikegah, Python developer, technical writer and open source enthusiast.

Hi Ruth, please tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm Ruth Ikegah from Nigeria, a Python developer, technical writer and open source enthusiast. I love eating cakes and I'm a people's person.

How did you get into programming, and when did you start using Python?

I have a microbiology degree and I was really enthusiastic about culturing microorganisms, so I thought of ways to level up in that path, I did some research and found out I could apply Python with my biology knowledge. So in March 2020, I started learning how to code in Python. So basically, I am 6 months into coding and it has been an amazing experience with great achievements.

What projects are you working on now?

I am currently working on a blog site built with Django: Blog-Experience is a space to share your first open-source contribution experience and motivate others to contribute to open-source. It is still in development process.

I also actively contribute to some open source projects although not Python-related.

Something else you would like to bring up?

As an open source enthusiast, I talk about it a lot. So I will love to let you know that no matter how small your skill set is, you can actively and meaningfully contribute to open source.

Two important ingredients of success is Consistency and Practice. Ensure you practice twice as you learn consistently.

Where can we find you on Internet?

Twitter: @ikegahruth

Github: Ruth-ikegah

Thanks for doing the interview, Ruth!
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